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The environment of the Creative Pre-School is structured so that children can make choices of play activities and materials. This ability to choose and plan gives the child power and prevents many conflicts during the school day. Children are encouraged to develop language skills that help them to communicate their needs and feelings.  


If a child is experiencing difficulty being self directed and using language to solve problems in one area of play, he/she is offered another play activity.  The Creative Pre-School strives to provide an environment that allows children to function to their fullest in solitary and group activities.  The goal of the entire program is to support the development of an internal control system which enables the individual to grow and function within a social setting.



Creative would like to provide the healthiest possible environment for the children and staff. To help us achieve that goal, the following illness policy is thoroughly implemented. 


All children with any signs of illness must be isolated and leave the program. Parents will be contacted immediately. Please be prepared to promptly pick up your child if he/she becomes ill at school. We are bound by the health guidelines provided by the Health Department requiring that all children who are ill or suspected to be ill leave the program.


Any fever, vomiting, or diarrhea will be considered due to an illness.  Children exhibiting any of these conditions must not return to school until they are 24 hours symptom free without the aid of a fever reducer.  




Our focus here at school is the social emotional and cognitive development of your child.  Each child is different, and each family perceives potty training in a different light, however, there is one very important thing we need to remember—the fragile toddler ego.  Helping the child to feel in control and confident during this time should be our first concern.  


Language is the key. (Children with developmental delays may sign or another form of communication to express their needs.)  When a child shows interest, we offer the potty but do not force them in any way.  The teacher may begin reading stories about the potty and introduce discussions about it.  Using the potty should be your toddler’s idea without pressure or coercion.


We recommend the book Toilet Training The Brazelton Way.  Please do not hesitate to talk with us regarding this subject. We want this experience to be a happy one for everyone involved, especially your child.

For more information on these, and other school policies, please click the link below to download the Creative Pre-School Parent Handbook.


If you have questions regarding these policies or need to schedule a conference, please contact the school office at 850-386-1450.

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