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The Creative Pre-School bases its program on a theory of raising children and encompasses an entire philosophy of life.


The Creative Pre-School views itself as a support system for the child and his/her family. To this end, staff are carefully selected, and programs are individually planned to meet the unique needs of each child.  The program provides a multitude of play opportunities though which each child is guided towards his/her optimal developmental level.  We believe strongly that the child under six learns best through direct experiences with his/her world and through interaction with other children and adults.  Our program is team taught and multi-age grouped to allow each child to experience love and caring from a group of adults in a family atmosphere with both older and younger children.  Adult and older children model behavior for younger children.  Younger children give older children opportunities to learn nurturing skills. 


All play is planned to help the child develop his/her own view of the world.  Opportunities to interact with people regardless of ability, age, race, or religion are provided.  We value all life and protect the rights of all people to maintain their own belief system.


The Creative Pre-School is neither permissive nor behaviorally structured.  We encourage children to control their world through language and the opportunity to make choices.  The program provides a panorama of experiences from which the child can choose in order to give him/her a sense of control.  These protected experiences, which allow the child to choose and have control, eliminate most behavior problems.  Verbal and physical aggression is always discouraged and never modeled by staff.  Our ultimate goal is to help the child solve problems through language and cooperation with others.

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