Big School Themes


Children are encouraged to bring in items that support the themes. We love to have our families engaged in our program.  Your participation helps your child feel important and valued.  If you have a talent or theme specific knowledge you would like to share, please let us know!

September—Myself and My Family

Color—Shades of Brown

Shape—Sphere & Circle



Author—Anna Dewdney

Eco-Tip:  Adopt an area on your road to help keep it free of litter

October—Fairy Tales, Nocturnal Animals, Halloween

Colors—Orange & Black 

Shape—Triangle & Pyramid

Letters—T & H   

Animals—Turtle & Hawk

Authors—Fairy Tales 

Eco-Tip: Try to buy items without a lot of packaging.  Use cloth bags to carry your groceries.


November—Farms, Where Does Our Food Come From?

Colors—Colors of Autumn Leaves (red, yellow, orange, and brown)

Shape—Cube & Square

Letters—F & L   

Animals—Fox & Lion

Author—Doreen Cronin 

Eco-Tip:  Buy items made from recycled materials.


December—Winter Celebrations 

Colors—Gold and Silver

Shape—Cone & Star


Animals—Stag (Santa’s Reindeer)  

Author—Chris Van Allsburg

Eco-Tip:  Remember your neighbors & feathered friends (birds) by packaging birdseed to share with them.

January—Winter Animals

Colors—Shades of Blue


Letters—B & D

Animals—Bear & Deer    

Author—Jan Brett

Eco-Tip: Save ribbons and wrapping paper to use in art projects and other creations.


February—Pets and People...The Things We Love; Valentine's Day

Color—Shades of Red

Shape—Cylinder & Heart

Letters—V & P   

Animals—Voles & Peacocks

Author—Mo Willems

Eco-Tip:  Consider sending outgrown toys/clothing to friends or agencies that can distribute them to those who are in need.


March—Birds; Celebrating Dr. Seuss' Birthday

Color—Shades of Green 


Letters—R, J, & G

Animals—Rabbit, Jaguar, Gorilla

Author—Dr. Seuss (BD is 3/2)

Eco-Tip:  Most Americans throw away more than 4 lbs. of trash each day.  Find ways to add less to our landfills.



Color—Colors of Spring


Letter—Z, Q, W, & K     

Animals—Zebra, Quetzal, Wallaby, Koala

Author—Peggy Rathmann

Eco-Tip:  Invest in reusable shopping bags.

May—Insects and Gardens



Letters—C, N, & Y        

Animals—Click Beetle, Netwing,
& Yellow Jacket

Author—William Joyce

Eco-Tip: Start your own compost pile by using fruit and vegetable scraps from your kitchen.


June—Reptiles & Amphibians

Color—Colors of the Sun

Shapes—Oval & Ellipse

Author—Paulette Bourgeois

Eco-Tip:  Use energy saving light bulbs in your home.

July—Ocean and Ocean Animals

Colors—The colors of our flag-Red, White, and Blue


Author—Eric Carle

Eco-Tip:  Snip your six pack rings so that land and sea animals are safe.



Color—Experimenting with color 


Author—Nancy E. Shaw

Eco-Tip:  Check all your water faucets for small leaks.  SAVE WATER