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Big School


Big School Daily Schedule

7:15 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Monday — Friday


7:15-8:40 Children and their families are greeted as they arrive and are invited to choose from a variety of play activities (markers and/or crayons and paper, playdough, puzzles, developmentally appropriate story videos, books, legos,

and other miniature construction materials, etc.)


8:40-9:00 Good morning circles (3) for stories and sharing. Children leave circles by food families to use the bathroom and wash hands for breakfast.


9:00-9:30 Breakfast.  Each child is assigned to a food family. The same teacher feeds the family at each meal. The food families are multi-age grouped.


9:30-10:00 Free play on the playground. Variety of developmentally appropriate activities available for free choice. Slide, balls, tricycles, sand play, etc. (Rainy day schedule- the children move into small singing movement circles (3) while the centers are set up by the teachers.)


10:00-11:30 Center time. Children are divided into play groups according to their individual developmental needs. These groups are rotated on a daily basis among the activity centers. (Blocks, art, messy play on the deck, macrodramatic play, micro-dramatic play, theme, farm, carpentry, cooking, and gross and fine motor activities.)


11:30-12:00 Music, story, sharing circles (3). Children leave the circles

by food families to use the bathroom and wash their hands for lunch.


12:00-1:00 Lunch, clean-up, toileting and outside activities with food

family, weather permitting.


1:00-3:00 Naptime.  Each child has his/her own cot. Blankets and nap

toys are provided or brought from home.


3:00-5:00 Children wake-up, toilet and move outside for snack and free play. The inside areas are cleaned and set up.  Children may choose from a variety of developmentally appropriate play activities both inside and outside, weather



3:15-4:30 Buffet snack served.  Children may snack at their leisure.


5:00-6:00 Outside centers close. Children all come inside the main building and continue to choose from a variety of activities until their parents arrive.

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